Hot air balloon 100 word challenge katie

One scorching hot day, I was sitting down then my mum said “get Miss Kitty, your going  on a hot air balloon.” When me and miss kitty were looking down, I was  surprised to see Hawaii. YES if we go down I will be in Hawaii, I have always wanted to live there. When we arrived I said “This is nice ice cream, do you want some?” ”No I do not want any” said Miss Kitty. Hay Amy and Emily live here ,that means I can see them and I will be happy. ”Hay Katy” said Amy and Emily .”We are going to Newyork today.”

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  1. Kalpana (Team 100) says:

    Hello katie,
    Nice and simple story, I enjoyed reading your story, its filled with lots of happy moments, Great job! Keep it up!

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